5 Blog Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Yes! Be The Unicorn! Some great advice for small business websites.


Rochelle Stone - Barefoot Basics - Your Sunshine Coast Marketing, Web and Graphic Design Specialist

Content marketing and blogging are must-have marketing mediums for small business owners to utilise in 2015. The information shared build trust, engagement and rapport with their audience and within their industry. Here are our top 5 Barefoot Basics tips to build your communication strategy and to grow your blogging audience.

1. Be The Unicorn

Your first strategy when developing your suite of content is to know your target market, their needs and why your brand resonates with them. Be The Unicorn.

Make your blog and brand stand out from the pack by:

  • Be Unique – Focus on your core strengths and deliver tools, resources and articles that are reflective of that.
  • Engage – Create a sense of community through responding to comments, social media interactions, emails and phone calls with a timely and friendly manner.
  •  Let Your Personality Shine – Weave your client projects (with their permission, of course), real…

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