How to get people to “like” your business

You have a website and a Facebook page for your business, great! So how do you get people to “like” your page, visit your website and eventually become customers?

Here’s an easy to follow “instructographic” that will…

“show you how to take advantage of Facebook’s huge user base by directly targeting advertising or content to people who have visited your website – – – you can target similar or “lookalike” users with similar characteristics – – – also learn how to set up a campaign aimed at getting likes on your Facebook page.

The steps are pretty detailed, so you might want to bookmark this page (Ctrl – D), or email the article to yourself.

For first-timers, go directly to step III (getting likes on your Facebook page).

I’ve used Facebook Ads for years to generate traffic to websites, online auctions and Facebook pages. It’s a very cost-effective way to target your online ad dollars. If you end up needing help, let me know.

Courtesy of: SurePayroll

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