HTML code for auto-redirect

Here is some simple html code to cause an automatic redirect to another site. I found this on stackoverflow (here…)

The first way (quickest) is to add a meta tag to your existing “index” file…

Place this meta tag in the HEAD section

The second method (best) is to use both meta, and JavaScript and create an “index” file then add it to your root…

Enter this code in a txt editor (like Notepad) and change “YOURSITE” to the URL you would like to re-direct to.

Then save this as “index.html” and place it in the public_html folder of the site your are redirecting from. If there is an existing “index.html”, you may want to rename the old one instead of deleting it (you may need it later).

HTML code for auto-redirect

To copy the codes directly, check out the original thread here

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