What does a web manager do?

Good question. Here’s what I do…

Most of the time customers just want me to change a picture or update some text on their website, but I can do more…

  • Keep your website working and secure.
  • Keep your domain name and hosting arrangements up to date.
  • Perform updates and upgrades to your Content Management System. Keep your CMS, Themes and Plugins up to date.
  • Update your website content (images, text, graphics…)
  • Manage user access.
  • Moderate comments and blog posts. Unattended websites can look outdated, quickly.
  • Monitor and report your website statistics.
  • Track keyword performance goals and search results.
  • Backup, backup, backup. Manage and monitor weekly backups and keep a full backup off site, just in case…

Also, if your website looks lousy on your phone or tablet, maybe it’s time to update your site for the mobile world. I can help!